Fran Goldsmith - producer, creative consultant (and Chief Muse)

Fran is a business advisor and coach to start-up solo practitioners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and senior executives from Fortune 100 companies.  She has been on this show’s journey from the beginning and is its biggest fan. She often manages to find the best seat at its many incarnations, laugh the loudest and wear many behind-the-scenes hats.  Her vision is to bring humor and curiosity back into all arenas of our lives, from the boardroom to the bedroom, healing and connecting people around the world.

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Book, Lyrics & Music

Delilah Blake & The Lab Players

Delilah Blake - creator, artistic director, producer (and Chief Mad Scientist)
As an entrepreneur combining business and theater, Delilah has created original sketch and musical comedy shows for over 25 years, cultivating performers and writers from all walks of life.  She has run her own for-profit theaters in Houston, Texas and Times Square, New York, and brought her humor into companies around the world.  Whatever topic she is exploring, the spirit she brings to her shows is best summed up with, “Happy are those who can laugh at themselves, they will never cease to be amused”.

Now That You've Seen Me Naked
   A musical comedy for those in & out of love!

The Cast - stay tuned!  Auditions in Houston & NYC announced soon.


The Creative Team